Safe & Secure!

Safe. Secure. Confidential.

Your locked document container is brought to our secure facility to be processed through our shredders within two business days.

Safe and Secure

These lockable collection stations may be placed in your office or workspace to safely dispose of your sensitive documents – simply slide them into the slot of the security container.

Some are dual purpose and can be used as a printer or fax stands.

You will have confidence knowing that your proprietary information is protected until it is destroyed!

Confidential and Secure

  • NAID Member
  • Insured
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Locked Bins/Consoles
  • Background and Drug Screen
  • Customer Witness
  • Video Surveillance
  • Internal Security Screening

About Our Services

Routine Shredding Services pick up available:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Quarterly

Pick Up Your Walk-in/Drop-off Shred Bag

Shred Bags – Available at the DRI Store on campus or call now at (325) 677-6815.

Where We Serve!

WEST- Tye, Merkel, Sweetwater
EAST- Clyde, Baird, Cisco, Eastland, Ranger
NORTH- Hawley, Anson, Albany, Hamlin, Stamford
SOUTH-Buffalo Gap, Tuscola, Winters

Purge services available in all areas listed. DRI can schedule both individual appointments and regular purges. Please call for quote. Shred Bags Available at the DRI Store on campus or call now at (325) 677-6815.

Our Bins

Executive Console
Holds 50-60 lbs of paper

65 gallon bin
Holds 200-250 lbs of paper

95 gallon bin
Holds 300-350 lbs of paper

Our Secure Process

We secure, document and maintain custody of your documents from pickup through shredding to arrival at the paper mill.
Your confidential information stays confidential with us!

  • We provide locked bins to store your documents until pickup. You have a key!
  • On a prearranged schedule our driver picks up and transports your locked bin on our secured truck.
  • At our secure facility your bin is weighed and remains locked until it enters the sorting process.
  • In Sorting our workers remove binder clips, folders, 3-ring binders…anything other than the documentation.
  • Your documents remain confidential as they are processed only by the individuals that we serve.
  • Bins of documents move on to Shredding where they are shredded within 72 hours of arrival at our facility.
  • The shredded paper falls into a large baler that compresses the shredded pieces into a 1,000 pound bale.
  • Forklifts move the bales into our secure storage facility.
  • Bales are shipped directly to the paper mill where they are dissolved to make more paper!

Our Document Destruction Process is in compliance
with ALL state and federal information disposal laws.

“Did you know that 210 pounds of documents on an office shredder takes 14 hours to shred!”

More About Our Services

Attractive Collection Bins

Your confidential documents will be securely stored in one of our locked bins or consoles. With our scheduled pick-ups, you will never again have to worry about paper pile-ups.

Modern Systems

Our high-capacity shredders can process more than 2,000 pounds of paper each hour. The shredded paper is then packed into 1,100 pound bales and sent out to be recycled.

Paper Recycling

Each ton of paper we recycle provides 20 to 24 hours of pay for our folks. It also saves approximately 7,000 gallons of water; 17-31 trees; 4,000KWh of electricity; and 60 pounds of air pollutants.

Disability Resources, Inc.

DRI exists to provide exceptional care and contented lives to intellectually challenged adults in a Christian environment.